Vice President 水泥 Technical Services

Kirk has been the Chair of PCA’s Product Standard and Technology Committee’s Limestone/Harmonization Task Group (LSHTG) for more than a decade. The group leads guidance to state communication teams for all the Departments of 运输, providing background on changes in ASTM and AASHTO specifications. These teams succeeded in speeding the acceptance of the change to permit portland 水泥s to contain up to 5% limestone. Currently the task group is working to communicate the creation of a lower embodied carbon 水泥, 即硅酸盐石灰石水泥(PLC), containing between 5% and 15% limestone content.



Steve has been the Chair of PCA’s Product Standards and Technology for the past 4 years and is very active at ASTM, 主持小组委员会ASTM C01.水泥和C09.27电竞菠菜外围app矿渣水泥, and is an influential member of the highly-regarded Joint AASHTO-ASTM Harmonization Task Group. All these activities have been important in ensuring that specifications are revised to respond to the practicalities of the marketplace. Steve has been influential in assuring that the market is prepared to accept changes in 水泥 processes that continue to occur. One success has been the market acceptance in the 状态 of Florida where the specifications now accept bag house dust as inorganic processing additions in 水泥. 另一个, 甚至更大, success was the acceptance of portland-limestone 水泥 by the Florida DOT (among other states). 



Allyson lead 泰坦美国's Zero Waste campaign in 2020 to be the first LEED Platinum certified 水泥 and aggregates company in the United 状态s. 艾莉森对环境的热情, 可持续性, and the good of the cause is great example of a proactive, results oriented environmental stewardship. 艾莉森真正的顾问证书, representation in the US Green Building Council (USGBC), 还有许多当地的推广项目, demonstrates her leadership not only in the workplace, 但是在她的社区里. 除了 to her many other responsibilities, Allyson also coordinates Titan's GHG recordkeeping/reporting and 可持续性 2025 initiatives. 


Eric is the current Chair of PCA’s Product Standards and Technology Committee Task Group on 水泥 Specifications ASTM C150/ASTM C595. Eric’s industry contributions include his activities in ACI Task Group 211-N. 作为一个活跃的椅子, Eric oversaw the creation of a completely new ACI document in a remarkably short timeframe: “Guide for Proportioning 电竞竞猜菠菜外围app下载 Mixtures with Ground Limestone and Other Mineral Fillers.” This was a significant achievement and was necessary to provide proper background on those materials, which can be used as concrete ingredients, and distinguish them from portland-limestone 水泥s (PLCs). 



Ash Grove水泥公司

Curtis is a leader in the 水泥 industry, and is especially well-known for his work on the PCA  环境与能源委员会 where he has served as Chair or Vice-Chair working on numerous environmental initiatives that benefit 可持续性 and continuity of 水泥 manufacturing.  Curtis has long worked with the 水泥 Kiln Recycling Coalition (CKRC) seeking regulations and enfor水泥 that support the 水泥 industry's use of alternative fuels. He has promoted information sharing and benchmarking between companies, supported PCA's OHS Committee as well as the PCA-MSHA (Mine 安全 and 健康 Administration) alliance. 



David has been a consistent example to industry professionals, 不仅仅是在GCC内部, 对竞争对手也是如此, 客户, and industry associates on how promotion can be both a fun and rewarding experience. 在客户层面工作, he has raised awareness of the potential gains for 水泥 and concrete in a broad range of construction markets and helped companies and associations create successful promotion initiatives. His work promoting concrete overlays over existing asphalt parking lots resulted in the city of Thornton, CO overlaying the Thorncreek Golf Course 90,000 square foot asphalt parking lot with concrete and has been instrumental in educating decision makers in the industry on concrete overlays. 


赢家: 内森•金博
副总裁、安全 & 健康

Nathan is an active member of PCA’s 职业健康 and 安全 (OHS) Committee and has distinguished himself with committee members and staff for his insights on safety issues. His work with Mine 安全 and 健康 Administration (MSHA) leaders through information exchange and engagement has helped advance the 分享d interests of the industry.



公司董事-卫生 & 安全
Ash Grove水泥公司

Through his roles at Ash Grove水泥公司 and the PCA 职业健康 and 安全 (OHS) Committee, Steve has proven to be a strong safety leader implementing many programs and initiatives to reduce workplace injuries. He has served on the OHS Committee for the past two decades, including serving as Co-Chair between 2015 through 2018. Some examples of his contributions include the MSHA-PCA Alliance, where he has helped the committee and industry better work with regulatory partners to support the common goal of safety. Steve has been involved in support of specific regulatory issues such as the Portland 水泥 TLV challenge and the OSHA Hexavalent Chromium and Crystalline Silica rulemaking in recent years.


Lori Tiefenthaler赢家: Lori Tiefenthaler

As Chair of the American 电竞竞猜菠菜外围app下载 Pavement Association (ACPA) in 2017, Lori successfully led efforts to improve the cooperative spirit and complementary missions of PCA, ACPA和NRMCA. The launch last year of PavementDesigner.org, a joint concrete paving design and marketing tool by the three associations, is one outcome of her leadership in this area. Lori served on the Executive Board for the National 电竞竞猜菠菜外围app下载 Consortium and has made certain that the industry is aware of what could be accomplished through the Center and its relationships with FHWA, 国家高速公路机构, APWA, NACE, the 水泥 and concrete industries and academia.


Gina_Lotito赢家: 吉娜洛蒂托
副总裁、能源 & 环境

Gina is an active volunteer and up-and-coming leader of the PCA Environment & 能源委员会, having served as Chair and Vice Chair of the Sustainable Manufacturing Subcommittee, and is a member of the 可持续发展委员会. Gina has been active in promoting industry efforts to combust cleaner alternative fuels and leading PCA federal advocacy efforts for lowering barriers to the use of alternative fuels for the 水泥 industry under the Non-Hazardous Secondary Materials Rule. 



纽金特4-09 # 2赢家:丹尼尔纽金特
Senior Vice President, Technical Services and Government Affairs

在过去的几年里, Nugent has been a key contributor and valued spokesperson for the 水泥 industry on a variety of regulatory and legislative challenges. He has faithfully and consistently served on a wide range of PCA committees, 包括环境 & 能源委员会 and 政府事务委员会. 他提供了领导力, input, and insight into how the industry approaches important regulatory issues, as well as legislation focused on greenhouse gas emissions. He is a valuable asset in formulating key positions for the industry.


Sustainable 产品 and Promotion Manager
Ash Grove水泥公司

Matt has distinguished himself at the national and local level in the promotion of concrete and other 水泥-based materials such as roller-compacted concrete and full-depth reclamation. He has been engaged in the PCA 可持续发展委员会 since its inception and became a LEED Accredited Professional to credibly voice the sustainable benefits of concrete applications. For decades he has been actively involved in local and regional promotion. He was instrumental in the establishment of the Northwest 水泥 Council and the newly formed Utah promotion group, for which he serves as secretary/treasurer.


GuerreroPhoto赢家: 鲁本格雷罗州小

Guerrero is a strong participant in PCA’s network of public policy and communications committees. He has served on the 政府事务委员会 and Industry Communications Committee since 2013 and on the 状态 Government Affairs Task Force since its formation in 2016. He is highly collaborative and engaging in discussions about how the industry will navigate important issues affecting the business of making 水泥 – whether it’s legislative and regulatory policy affecting a single plant or managing public perceptions about the 可持续性 of the 水泥 industry as a whole.



Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Stevens has long been a leader in working with both state and federal officials on environmental and regulatory issues affecting the 水泥 industry. As part of the 政府事务委员会 and 能源 and Environment Committee, he helped negotiate the settlement agreement with the 环境 Protection Agency that revised the final NESHAP rule and reset the compliance date. He also serves on the 运输 and Infrastructure Committee. As a board member of the California Nevada 水泥 Association, 他与国家机构合作, 立法者, and local government officials to establish the 水泥 industry as a leader in sustainable manufacturing. 



Palmer has been a tireless champion for the use of concrete wall systems in production homebuilding. 在过去的几年里 he has facilitated a partnership with Meritage 首页s and Hercuwall, which has led to a large-scale pilot project in Goodyear, 亚利桑那州. The result is that for the first time ever a major national home builder is offering a concrete wall system for the same price as wood. 除了Meritage的合作关系, he worked with Habitat for Humanity 中央 亚利桑那州 to build their first negative energy concrete home, which was showcased on tour during the 2009 Greenbuild Convention in Phoenix. He co-founded the Smart 首页 Alliance to promote sustainable, energy-efficient residential concrete wall construction and is a founding board member of the Green Builder Coalition.


Ash Grove水泥公司

作为几个PCA委员会的成员, Scott Nielson is an active volunteer who serves as co-chairman on PCA’s 能源 and Environment Technology Subcommittee. Nielson has direct responsibility for environmental compliance at Ash Grove水泥公司’s midwestern 水泥 and quarry operations. He has taken a leadership role in CEMS implementation as well as DAS implementation within the company. he has presented at several technical conferences including the IEEE-IAS/PCA 水泥 Conference in 2014, and he is involved in planning the IEEE West Coast conference.


Vice President, Marketing CalPortland Company
PCA活动:联合主席, 可持续发展委员会, 麻省理工学院产业咨询委员会, 主成分分析西北地区

Bill continues to be an effective advocate for the use of portland 水泥 and concrete in all aspects of government. His passion for advancing PCA’s 可持续性 goals is contagious. 作为该地区的领导者, 他影响了国家机构, 立法者, and local government officials to adopt policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with rigid pavement. Through his work with the California EPA and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) the 水泥 industry has maintained its strategic position as an environmental leader. He developed relationships with California’s department of transportation, encouraging them to implement MIT’s pavement vehicle interaction model in real-world conditions; to consider true LCCAs as defined by MIT; and to adopt an AD/AB policy that makes concrete pavement a financially viable solution. Bill’s untiring efforts to promote the industry make him a valuable asset on the boards of the California Nevada 水泥 Association and 主成分分析西北地区.


Jim has been a critical component in PCA paving advocacy efforts. His research and analysis has been integral to past and on-going life cycle assessment and life-cycle cost analysis research, the integration of MIT 电竞竞猜菠菜外围app下载 可持续性 Hub work into advocacy, and the melding of technical engineering aspects with financial aspects. 一次又一次, Jim has been an industry representative at meetings with such agencies as the White House’s Office of Management and Budget, 联邦 Highway Administration, state departments of transportation, and the U.S. Government Accountability Office to illustrate concrete’s LCCA benefits. He is also active in sending the message to local advocacy arenas.


Director, 环境 Affairs, 布吉Unicem美国, Inc.
PCA Activities: Clean Air Support Subcommittee, Environment and 能源 Technology Subcommittee, Environment and 能源 Regulatory Development Subcommittee, Environment and 能源 Water and Solid Waste Subcommittee, 环境与能源小组委员会, 运输 and Infrastructure Committee, 环境与能源数据, 政府事务委员会, 环境与能源委员会

在过去的几年里, Adam has made significant contributions towards the development of industry positions and issues related to the PC MACT, NHSM, and CISWI rules and has been instrumental in contributing to successful advocacy with EPA for necessary revisions. Likewise, Adam was one of a handful of PCA representatives working with EPA through the 能源 Subcommittee to provide input to their ENERGY STAR® program as it underwent revisions to its 水泥 sector certification process and established a new finish mill energy benchmarking program. Adam’s collective contributions have demonstrated his commitment to serving the better interest of the Industry. He has gained significant recognition and respect from his peers within PCA and is increasingly looked to for leadership roles in the areas of 能源 and Environment.


Jacqueline Clark, APR, PRSA研究员
Director of Communications and Public Affairs, Ash Grove水泥公司

Jackie led teams in Kansas and Oklahoma to resolve important taxation and transportation issues. 在堪萨斯, her team helped pass legislation to remedy a property tax issue with the support of the Boilermakers, 三个商会, and members of the plant’s Community Advisory Committee. 在俄克拉荷马州, she worked with a multi-industry coalition to promote a positive resolution to a rail line ownership matter.

Vice President, Florida Materials, 泰坦美国 LLC
委员会:董事会, 联邦倡议委员会, 政府事务委员会, 运输 and Infrastructure Committee, 为委员会

Tim’s leadership expands well beyond his role as co-chairman of the PCA 为委员会. Whether he is testifying in legislative forums or speaking with community groups, 他的人的咒语, 地球, and profit for consideration of sustainable pavements is evident. Tim has championed regular sharing of best-practices among industry allies. 

市场开发总监 & 为解决方案,CEMEX

Corey is an energetic, passionate industry spokesperson for roller-compacted concrete pavements. He played a major role in organizing and obtaining financial sponsors for the very successful RCC paving demonstrations at the 2013 and 2014 World of 电竞竞猜菠菜外围app下载. He was instrumental in the creation of the recently established 碾压电竞竞猜菠菜外围app下载 Pavement Promotion and Research Council with the mission to build awareness of RCC pavements and support research.



Satish Sheth
Vice President, 环境 Affairs, CEMEX USA
Committees: Clean Air Committee, Government Affairs Committee.

As co-chair of the PCA Clean Air Committee, Sheth coordinated PCA's multi-faceted advocacy efforts to address the near-term clean air challenges of the portland 水泥 national emission standards for hazardous air pollutants (NESHAP) and the commercial and industrial solid waste incinerator (CISWI) rules. 在两年的时间里, 他管理着一个非常复杂的系统, 多管齐下的监管, legislative and legal advocacy strategy, with multiple concurrent and overlapping actions and time-frames, such as developing regulatory comments while also preparing congressional legislation and testimony. The work on the NESHAP rule was rewarded with a favorable court decision followed by a settlement agreement with EPA which ultimately resulted in a new NESHAP rule with more favorable emission standards and more time for the industry to comply. Efforts to address the CISWI rule resulted in significant improvements to what was a very challenging rule when first finalized by EPA. He has now focused Committee efforts on defending EPA's new NESHAP rule and making a few more improvements to the CISWI rule.

Senior Vice President-Government Affairs & 可持续发展,利哈伊汉森公司.
Committees: 运输 and Infrastructure Committee, 通信委员会, 麻省理工学院通信小组, PAC董事会, 清洁空气委员会, 可持续发展委员会, 能源和环境委员会, 以及联邦宣传委员会. 

Tom's leadership touches nearly every aspect of 水泥 industry and association initiatives. As co-chair of the MIT Industry Advisory Committee and former chair of the Mercury Advisory Task Group, he helped craft both a governance and deployment strategy for the MIT 电竞竞猜菠菜外围app下载 可持续性 Hub. His work has made the research more responsive to industry needs, and his participation in PCA committees and task groups has helped integrate the results in both advocacy and promotion initiatives.


质量副总裁 & 豪瑞(美国)有限公司.
Committees: PCA Product Standards and Technology Committee, PCA董事会, Massachusetts Institute of Technology's 电竞竞猜菠菜外围app下载 可持续性 Hub, 绿色电竞竞猜菠菜外围app下载科学, 焦点小组和行业任务小组.

艾尔提供恒定的, unyielding efforts with the AASHTO/ASTM Harmonization Task Group to get limestone 水泥s accepted for the last several years were vital to the final agreement. These changes to standards resulted in millions of dollars in savings per year to the 水泥 industry. 除了, it provided an opportunity for manufacturers to producer greener 水泥s with lower carbon foot打印s. Under his guidance as co-chair of the Product and Standards and Technology Committee, the industry came to consensus on the various issues surrounding limestone 水泥s and was able to defend those positions in the standards arena. 

Executive Vice President CEMEX, Houston, Texas
委员会:PCA董事会, PCA政府事务委员会, 工业咨询委员会, PCA PAC Board and the PCA PAC Finance Committee.

Frank was instrumental in fostering the creation of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 电竞竞猜菠菜外围app下载 可持续性 Hub, which was established in 2009 with the goal of accelerating emerging breakthroughs in concrete science, and engineering and transferring that science into practice. Supported by PCA and the 预拌电竞竞猜菠菜外围app下载 Education and Research Foundation, Craddock coordinated the governance structure of The Hub and established an 工业咨询委员会 of both 水泥 and ready mixed concrete executives for the Hub. He also acted as this advisory group's first chairman.